Civil Filing Fees

To file electronically, please visit:

To utilize the 37th District Court Officers via electronic filing, please visit:

Civil Cases
0 – $600 $35.00
$601 – $1,750 $55.00
$1,751 – $10,000 $75.00
$10,001 – $25,000 $160.00

Landlord / Tenant Cases
Possession only $55.00
Possession and Money Judgments
$0 – $600 $90.00
$601 – $1,750 $110.00
$1,751 – $10,000 $130.00
$10,001 – $25,000 $215.00

Small Claims Cases
$0 – $600 $30.00
$601 – $1,750 $50.00
$1,751 – $6,500 $70.00

Land Contract Forfeitures

Note: All of the above cases also have a $34.00 service fee, per defendant, if we are serving them in Warren or Center Line. For other cities please see below.


Jury Fee

Garnishments (Periodic)
$35.00 Service Fee if the company is in Warren of Center Line
$39.00 Service Fee is the company is in the limited serving area outside of Warren or Center Line as listed below.

Garnishments (Non-periodic)
$29.00 Service Fee if the bank is in Warren or Center Line.
$34.00 Service Fee if the bank is in the limited serving area outside of Warren or Center Line as listed below.

Garnishments (Income Tax)

Orders To Seize (Executions)
$40.00 Service Fee – (Must be served by our court officer)

Order of Eviction (Writ of Restitution)
$45.00 Service Fee per person — (Must be served by our Court Officer)

Certified Copies

The first one is free – each additional is $1.00

Service outside of Warren and Center Line is as follows:
37th District Court Officers will also serve in the cities listed below.  Anything you need served outside of these cities you must take back and have served on your own.

Bruce Twp.————$73.00
Clinton Twp.———–$48.00
Harrison Twp.———$58.00
Lake Twp.————–$50.00
Lenox Twp.————$81.00
Madison Heights——-$41.00
Mt. Clemens———–$59.00
New Baltimore——–$77.00
New Haven————$76.00
Ray Twp.—————$69.00
Shelby Twp.———–$41.00
St. Clair Shores——-$44.00
Sterling Heights——-$43.00

If you have papers that need to be served in any other community, please contact Dan Peters at (586) 918-9003, James Zelmanski at (586) 556-2346, or Anthony Zelmanski at (586) 202-3983 to get a price for service if they are able to accommodate you. If they are not able to accommodate the community in which the papers need to be served, the papers will be returned to you after filing so you may arrange for service on your own.

If your papers are being served by the Court Officers and you are writing a check or money order, please make it payable to “Court Officer.”