Jury Duty

Jury Contact Information:

Jury Clerk: 
Phone: 586-574-4982
E-mail: Juryinfo@37thdistrictcourt.org

Why was I selected:
Jurors are selected randomly based on a list of Warren residents who possess a Michigan State Driver’s License and/or Michigan State Identification Card. This process starts over each year so you may be called multiple years in a row.

I have a conflict/cannot serve, what do I do?:
There are only certain reasons that the Jury Room can excuse or exempt a person from service. Most requests will need accompanying documentation. We CANNOT excuse someone due to their understanding of the English Language. Please address any concerns with the judge and attorneys if you are chosen for voir dire. Please note that sending in documentation does not automatically mean that you will be excused. We do not excuse for financial or child care hardships. Those are considered by the trial judge during voir dire.

Non-Resident — Documents Needed: Copy of out-of-county driver license
Non-Citizen — Documents Needed: Copy of permanent resident card or other document indicating non-citizenship
Medical — Documents Needed: Note from a physician indicating that excusal from jury service is necessary due to medical condition (the actual condition need not be stated by physician).
Served as Juror the Past Year — Documents Needed: Documentation from court where service was performed.
Nursing a Child — Documents Needed: a letter from a physician, lactation consultant, or certified nurse midwife.
Full-Time Student or Active Military — Documents Needed: Full-time student schedule or military orders.

Medical/Doctor Appointment — Documents Needed: Note from physician
Vacation — Documents Needed: Vacation plans
No Transportation — Documents Needed: None. However, we do offer complimentary SMART bus tickets to courthouse.
Death in Family — Documents Needed: None.
• Business — Documents Needed: Letter from employer.
No Child Care — Documents Needed: None.

Felony — Documents Needed: Fill out questionnaire and indicate “yes” to felony.
Over 70 years of age — Documents Needed: A phone call asking for disqualification or answering “yes” on questionnaire to opting out of service.
Deceased — Documents Needed: Any notification.

Please Contact the Warren Jury Clerk for further assistance. She can be reached at 586-574-4982.

Where do I report?
The Jury room is located on the lower level of the court building. There is a sign indicating the location to report.

What do I wear?
Business casual attire is expected while serving as a juror. Please do not wear tee-shirts, shorts, halter-tops, jeans, or hats into the courthouse.

Will I be compensated?
Compensation is $15.00 for the first half day, and $30.00 for the first full day. Any subsequent half days are compensated at $22.50 and any subsequent full days are compensated at $45.00.

What can I bring?
You may bring cell phones and other electronic devices. Unopened beverages are allowed. Please do not bring any opened beverages or food, as you will be asked to dispose of them prior to entering the Court. You will pass through security upon entering so please make sure you do not have any small knives or other items that may be considered a weapon. If you are sent to a courtroom, you will need to turn off all electronic devices.

How long do I stay?
You should plan on being here from 8:30 a.m. to approximately 4:30 p.m. However, actual time of dismissal is determined by the needs of the court. If you are picked for a jury, the judge on the case will provide you with details of when and where to report.

View the video below provided by the national Center for State Courts.